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Starting my new job today! Macquarie shopping centre is unreal!!

Can’t sleep. Send some asks and keep me entertained please xo

Anyone awake? Could use a good chat.

beyond angry

Can’t wait for my Variable ND to arrive. Need that longer shutter speed dammit!


Sooooo I got myself a nifty Canon 70D recently to basically give myself something to do late at night when it’s 3am and can’t sleep. Decided to also make a Flickr page to throw some photos up on when I get the chance.

If you’ve got Flickr, go ahead and throw a follow! I’ll most likely be uploading every few nights so keep an eye out for any new photos popping up.

Add me on Snapchat! @sighmann

Anonymous asked: do you like vaginas


Just bought a Canon 70D online to cheer me up.

Been awake for 39 hours. Can’t sleep. Not tired. Sexually frustrated.


Another sleepless night. Ask me things whilst I lay in bed waiting to get up and ready for work.

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